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Insert witty pun about March here

So I really wanted to have something a bit more substantive to show you guys on here before I posted today but to be frank most of last week was a creative bust. Sadly my web comic idea is moving forward rather slower than I would have liked, as try to give most my creative energy to my writing and well something has to give. To be honest normally everything gives, but I try.

Anyway, the weekend brought me out of the creative wilderness and I was in the end able to make good progress on my story. A Star Vanishes now stands at a grand total of 14k words and has yet to crumble into fertiliser, so yer I'm pretty happy about that!

I also managed to fit in some reading, which was particularly enjoyable as I read through some work by ‏@Scarimonious, which was very good indeed and made me reflect upon my own work as a result. Anyway, its a really promising project and one I'll be keeping my eye on and I recommend you guys do the same! :)

March has been a strange month, filled with lots of little things, which taken individually are nothing worth grumbling about but collectively have been gnawing slowly at my sanity. I think I'm just about done with this month and would like to get paid and move on to the next one - if that's ok?

A Star Vanishes

So here we are, post number 1 in what will hopefully become a long standing live journal. When creating things like this its always interesting to think about what this small slither of the web will turn into over time, perhaps something quite different from what it is today... in fact it most definitely will I should imagine. I get bored very easily and can be destructively whimsical at times.

Anyway, for now this space will focus mainly upon my current project "A Star Vanishes" which is my work in progress Sci-fi novel. The story tracks the life and hardships of an AI and the unusual crew she travels with as they hunted by the powerful and secretive Inquisition. I'm toying with the idea of constructing a small web comic centred around the back story of the setting, which would hopefully give you guys a taste of what I on about... but we will see how that pans out.

I'm also currently looking for those brave enough to read through what I've got down so far. I could really use a critical eye being cast over my work to see where it stands, so if any of you are keen please get in touch.

So for now let me post up this first work in progress panel of how the web comic may pan out, just to wet your interest.


Let me know what you think! :)

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